knee pain from sports injury

Most people don’t consider how important drinking enough water is to you joint health. You already know that your body needs to be properly hydrated in order to function properly. Water is essential for healthy skin, maintaining body temperature, and regulating bodily functions. Dehydration is really bad for your body and can put you in the hospital. However, avoiding dehydration and all of its ugly consequences are not the only reason to ensure that you are drinking the right amount of water every day. Your joints also need that precious liquid to stay healthy.


All of the cells, organs, and tissues in your body use water. This includes the articular cartilage between your joints. Water is the most abundant component of articular cartilage. In fact, nearly 80% of the weight of this cartilage is composed of water.

The water contained in articular cartilage plays an important role, it helps to create synovial fluid.  Synovial fluid, which is the gel-like fluid that lubricates your joints, is produced by the water and other components in the articular cartilage. Synovial fluid keeps your joints lubricated, allowing the joints to move more easily and with less pain. Keeping your joints properly lubricated also helps reduce friction and wear of the joints.


When your joints don’t get enough water, the production of synovial fluid decreases. Your joints are less lubricated, have a harder time moving, and you may experience discomfort or pain. Think of it like this, what happens if you run an engine with no oil? Sure, it will be fine for a short time, but wear and tear will happen quickly and soon the engine parts will break down and stop working properly. The same is true for your body.

While you cannot simply hydrate to solve joint pain, you can certainly help decrease it. Drink more water and hydrate properly every day. Your body, and your joints, will thank you for it!

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