Meet Dr. Brummert

People often ask me, “Why did you become a chiropractor?”

It may sound crazy, but I was never adjusted by a chiropractor prior to enrolling in chiropractic college. 

Dr. Brummert's Story

I can’t say that as a child I ever had a great experience in a medical office. I didn’t leave my bee sting allergy appointments feeling like I couldn’t wait to go back for another round. I never loved sitting for (what seemed like) eternities in waiting rooms next to other sick, screaming, or bleeding children. Going to the doctor was at best very boring and at worst literally excruciating. There was one exception to this.

Accompanying my parents to chiropractic appointments was usually a positive experience. Chiropractic appointments were looked forward to, were done quickly, and often times delivered immediate results. Nobody even required a sticker or ice cream cone afterward for showing exceptional behaviour under great duress, a.k.a. “being a good boy.” Trips to the chiropractor’s office were pleasant. So, when my mother suggested I become a chiropractor, I suspect for selfish motives, I decided to take a look. Civic and social responsibilities are values that were instilled in me at a young age. I knew I wanted to give back to others and pursue a career where I could truly add value to a community.  Becoming a chiropractor gave me an opportunity to make a career out of helping other people.

Since graduating from New York Chiropractic College in 2009, I’ve practiced in Alaska, New York, and here in State College. Outside of work, you can find me on a hiking trail with my wife or untangling my fishing line from a bush or tree on the banks of Spring Creek.


Dr. Brummert is proud of his involvement in the State College, PA community. He was responsible for implementing a chiropractic care program at Centre Volunteers in Medicine, where he volunteered for two years. He has also collaborated with local non-profits to help raise funds for their organizations, both in State College and in the outlying communities.


Dr. Brummert served on the board of the State College Young Professionals for 3 terms, organizing both volunteer and personal development opportunities for the group of 200 members. Along with his involvement with various local business networking groups, he was the President of the State College based BNI Keystone Referrals group for nearly 2 years.

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