healthy food

You already know that certain foods can have a negative impact on the health of your body. However, keeping yourself in good overall health by eating well isn’t the only reason to reexamine your dietary habits. In fact, some of your favorite foods can cause inflammation in your body. This can be a real problem when you and your chiropractor are trying to reduce swelling and pain, as well as improve your mobility.


You can help your chiropractor help you by eating a diet that contains little to no foods that contribute to inflammation. While this certainly means that you need to cut out most sweets and sugary drinks, it also means that many foods you might not think twice about will also need to be avoided.

This list of inflammatory foods includes foods like:

  • Agave
  • Honey
  • Butter
  • Margarine
  • Cheese
  • Whole milk
  • Processed red meat
  • Fried foods
  • Coffee creamer
  • Wheat, Rye, Barley

The main reason these foods cause inflammation is because they contain trans fats, saturated fats, and gluten. Making healthy food swaps such as eating low fat dairy instead of whole fat, will still allow you to enjoy your favorite foods without suffering the consequences.


Feel good food are healthy foods that do not cause inflammation. Healthy, anti-inflammatory foods are extremely easy to find, and best of all, they are not very expensive. In fact, you are probably buying some of these foods every time you shop for groceries.

Some anti-inflammatory foods include:

  • Fruits
  • Leafy green veggies
  • Whole grains
  • Oatmeal
  • Brown rice
  • Beans
  • Nuts
  • Fish

Eating these foods will help to reduce inflammation in your body so that your chiropractor can get you on the road to recovery and back to the life you love.

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